About us

We offer a friendly, relaxed, home from home, educational and stimulating environment. Children learn through their interests as-well as play. Children’s confidence grows through, encouraged group work/activities. Children can enjoy watering the plants in the nursery garden. Children have access to help plant seeds, add water to help grow vegetables in our mini allotment. Once the vegetables are grown, children can explore taste and textures by tasting the vegetables or even use them through cooking activities. 


Ofsted 5th July 2017.

  • The manager and Staff create a happy nursery where children enjoy a good variety of purposeful activities. Staff motivate the children to have fun and learn through their imaginative play.


  • Staff are friendly and caring. Key persons respond quickly to meet the children’s needs.


  • Staff provide good teaching overall, successfully promoting children’s learning. Older children can retell stories. They are taught to write their name and learn to count in preparation for school. 


  • Staff routinely share comments about the children’s progress and actively engage parents in the children’s learning at home. Parents say they value the strong partnership established by staff.


  • Staff identify where children are in their learning and development, and know what they need to do next. The management team checks the progress of the children to ensure that all, including those who need extra support, are making the expected progress for their age from their starting points.


Railway Nursery’s fees are invoiced by session times. Please do pop into the nursery to collect a session time sheet, or even drop us an email. 


“Celebrating 15 years of supporting children towards their goals.” 2003 – 2018

‘Here’s to the next 15 years’