Who’s Who?

All staff are trained in the updated September 2013 EYFS

Nicole Webster

Nicole is the Nursery Owner. Nicole opened Railway Nursery in May 2003.  Nicole is Qualified and holds a BA Degree & Early Years Teacher. Nicole is First Aid trained. 


Amy Creed

Amy is our Nursery Manager. Amy is qualified in Level 3. Amy recently passed her Leadership diploma. Amy is our DSL & SENCO. Amy started at Railway in April 2009. Amy is First Aid trained.


Emma Smith

Emma is our Nursery Supervisor. Emma is qualified in Level 3, Leadership & Early Years Practitioner. Emma started at Railway in December 2007. Emma is First Aid trained.


Kelly Streeter

Kelly is the Senior Nursery Practitioner. Kelly has qualified in her Level 3, Early Years Practitioner and a Leadership diploma. Kelly started Railway in January 2008. Kelly is First Aid trained.


Ali Gibson

Ali is one of the nursery Practitioners who is at this time covering the baby side, as the main baby carer is on maternity leave.  Ali is qualified in Level 3. Ali is the Nursery DSL and SENCO and she works alongside Amy. Ali started Railway in June 2015. Ali is First Aid trained.


Kerri Daniels

Kerri is the main baby side carer she is currently on maternity leave and so Ali is covering for her at this time. Kerri is qualified in Level 3 & Makaton. Kerri started Railway in April 2014. Kerri is First Aid trained.


Nikki Hornsby

Nikki is another Nursery Practitioner. Nikki is qualified in her Level 2 and is currently working on her Level 3. Nikki started Railway in September 2017. Nikki is First Aid trained.


Kerry Pickett

Kerry is another Nursery Practitioner. Kerry is qualified in Level 2 and is currently working on her Level 3. Kerry started Railway in April 2015. Kerry is First Aid trained.